Eli’s Summer Capsule Wardrobe:: Toddler Boys

Summer time is here!  We are getting ready to head from Istanbul to the great old USA, so you may notice I went crazy with the red, white and blue this summer in our capsules.  Nothing like declaring your love for your country than a Summer Capsule Wardrobe planned around the flags colors.  Ha!
Hopefully I can post some on our travels and time in California.  For now, this is what Eli is wearing this summer!
Here is Eli’s Summer Capsule Wardrobe::
9 shirts:   1. american pocket t  2. striped neon tank  3.  red pocket henley  4.  red, white & blue striped henley 5. grey & white striped pocket  t 6.grey basic t shirt 7. Palm Springs  8.blue pocket 9. Giants tank
2 polos:    10.red polo 11. navy polo
2 long sleeve:  12. bw striped henley  13. baseball t
1 collared shirt:  14. chambray button up
2 sweaters:  15. American flag  16. grey quilted zip up
3 shoes:  17. adidas sneaker  18.  swim flip flop  19. birkenstock
2 rash guards:  20. whale rashguard  21. long sleeve rashguard
2 swim suits: 22.  striped trunks  23. red trunks
4 lounge shorts:   24. grey athletic   25. black sweat   26. blue sweat   27. red sweat
6 shorts:   28. hurley khaki  29.  seersucker  30. blue roll cuff  31. jean roll cuff  32.grey & blue stripe  33..canvas black cutoffs
2 lounge sweats:  34. camouflage  35. lightening
2 pants:  36. skinny  37.  light grey skinny

4 Replies to “Eli’s Summer Capsule Wardrobe:: Toddler Boys”

  1. Angela Silvera says: Reply

    I’m trying to do a capsule wardrobe for my boys and I just realized that you has a summer capsule and a fall capsule. Have you ever combined it and had a year-round capsule? If so, how many items would you have in it? If not, why? Thank you! I love what you have done!!

    1. Thank you, Angela!! I have thought about the whole year capsule before, but the weather changes so much, and they grow so fast, I decided to do a quarterly one instead. I would probably do around 40 if I did a whole year though,I am realizing 37 is way too much for just 3 months.

  2. Angela Silvera says: Reply

    One other question…I noticed that pajamas aren’t in the capsule. Is there a reason why? And how many would you suggest per kid?

    Thank you so much!!

    1. I do pajamas, underwear & socks all separate. But I do have a system for those as well! I have 3-5 pairs of seasonal pajamas for each kid. You are very welcome!

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