About The Thirty-Seven Piece Family Blog… 
Let’s head back to Spring of 2015, when I stumbled across the Un-fancy blog, of Caroline-Joy, who was dressing herself with only 37 pieces each season.  She called this her “ capsule wardrobe”.  The idea was so attractive, and she  pulled it off so well!  I tried it without the proper planning, and realized if I really wanted the things she cheered us on to embrace, (less=more, better items, less clutter etc etc,) I needed a to plan better.  Around the same time, I read Marie Kondo’s book on Tidying, and  my unorganized ways (but organized inclinations) led me to the end of my rope.  
Life gets busy, so moving on to December 2015, I found myself purchasing a weird Christmas gift for myself. A Christmas gift, only a dorky mom would buy.   I bought 20 pairs of the same socks for my two boys. I was going to be the most brilliant mother on earth, because I solved my sock problem.  My oldest would no longer be caught in mismatching socks… because they only had one kind!  If we lost a sock, “ who cares?!” It would all even out in the end… 
I followed this thought pattern to the end and now find myself uniform dressing/capsule dressing my whole family
I flourish in organization… but, developing organized systems are really hard for me.  So here is a look into my families minimalist journey, starting with what we wear.
Will it work?  Will I have planned enough items for the bi-polar Istanbul weather?
Will it make me bored or more creative?  Ha! Let’s find out.
Follow along as we share our kids outfits, capsule wardrobes, and what we love, learn and don’t like about a simpler look at what we wear.  You never know, this could be for you too!
 About Kim…

I’m a Californian and a mother of 4, currently living in Istanbul with my family . I’ve been married for 10 years, to my college boyfriend, and we have been on an adventure living overseas with our family for 3 years.  We relocated from a sunny suburban So Cal  cul de sac, to a blustery 6 story Istanbul apartment in 2013.  The weather and the urban environment have been our biggest adjustments. The food and the people are what make it easy to be here! Urban city living doesn’t provide much storage (read apartments) so the collision of our move here with 3 kids, and apartment living really got me thinking more about organization and simplicity,  two things I have always highly valued, but struggled to implement.

This is my take on my families journey to live minimally and simplify, starting with what we wear.
Other hobbies aside from planning family wardrobes ? ::  travel, baking, running,  city wandering with my husband, good food, reading, all of the good people, and the internet .
Thanks for reading along with us, we like to learn, travel, eat well, and look good (who doesn’t). I hope you can enjoy our journey!
P.S. Our city is super cool, come visit sometime!