Is Capsuling more work? :: 1 month reflections


About a month in and maybe you are wondering,  Is capsuling more work?

While I was shopping for our clothes for Spring, taking pictures and figuring out what my family would be wearing and not wearing, I really wondered if capsuling was more work than just wearing what we used to was.
I figured it would be helpful to take a step back and reflect on why I even took on this project.  Starting this all felt like a lot of work, just for clothes.  It seemed maybe silly at time, but in the beginning any transition is more work. Starting a new diet- planning meals, putting a kid in a new school -paperwork, moving to a new home or city -logistics! stress!
 Really any change requires a decent amount of work, it is the long term result that should be the measure of it’s worth.

So far, in this transition, I have been happy with the result.  We are so early in the transition, just one month into our first capsule.  We have a lot to learn, and tweaking to do… but I will say so far- so good.  We like it!  I like it! The kids do too.  So while this has been an investment in time, effort and money,  it has definitely been worth it in the end.  I think after we have this system down it will be good for my family in many ways.

Less clothes all over, less impulse purchasing, more  planning and thought out clothes purchases.  Also, freedom from feeling like I never had anything to wear, but tons of clothes floating around in suitcases, drawers, hampers etc.
 Just at a months end, I have noticed:
-I personally don’t ever feel like I don’t have anything to wear.
-We have less laundry to do.
-I feel more organized and in control of the clothes situation (and our capsuling journey has just started).
-The kids are happy and I am learning what their personal style preferences are, (ex: Nora seems to almost hate most dresses).
-I feel more organized, and am!
-I am happier knowing I have a system to work in for storage, purchasing and planning.
Thanks for listening, I’ll reflect again at month two!
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Eli’s Spring Capsule Wardrobe :: Toddler Boy

This is Elias, also known as Eli.  He is my 5 year old, and he is my most stylish kid.  Seriously, he always has a strong opinion on what he wears, and a compliment on others clothing.
 Toddler Boys 37 piece spring Capsule Wardrobe.He loves picking things out, and pointing things out and noting that people looked nice.  He really does have an eye for detail.  He is the first to notice when I am wearing a new item or have earrings on.  He has been so fun to do this project with.
For now, he likes to wear “stripes with stripes and stripes”  or “grey with grey and grey”.  He will sometimes come out in a red jacket, red shorts and a red hat and be so proud that he planned the perfect outfit for himself.  Red is his favorite color.  He actually specifically requested red shoes this Spring.
Here is Eli’s Spring Capsule Wardrobe::
 A Toddler Boys 37 piece Spring Capsule Wardrobe.
7 t shirts:  1.  short sleeve henley  2.  red pocket t-shirt   3. Detroit graphic T  4.  Blue solid T  5.  Istanbul T  6.  blue collared T  7.  Striped T
3 polo shirts:. 8. grey polo  9.  .navy polo 10.  hawaii print
4 Long sleeve shirts:  11.  blue stripes gap  12.   baseball  13.striped henley 14.  grey henley
4 collared shirts:  15.  white oxford 16.  blue and white gingham  17.  chambray
4 Sweaters: 18. grey 3 striped hoodie 26. quilted grey hoodie  27.  fleece
2 shorts: 20. hurley khaki 21. seersucker stripes
2 shoes:  24. nike  25. red velcro shoes 
4 lounge bottoms:  28. nike shorts 29. lightening sweats  30. grey w neon sweats 31. camo sweats

6 pants:  32.beige jeans 33.grey skinny jeans  34. dark grey  35.slim black jeans 36. dark straight 37. blue skinny

(Bold links above are exact or similar items.) 
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My Capsule Philosophy:: Kids

My general mode of operating when it comes to kids clothes is to purchase cute items as needed, or buy a load of clothes when there is a sale all completely done by feel. It wouldn’t be uncommon for me to load up my cart, online or in person with a bunch of cute items I found that I felt they needed.  Then I would add to their drawers, and eventually we would have clothes on the ground, clothes in the drawers, things that maybe didn’t match each other, and things they never wore because they didn’t really like.

This has lead my kids, to have a jumble of clothes that are mix and match.  Some random items have no match, and some are things I purchased on impulse to satisfy the wants of a kid asking,
 “mom can i have that Batman shirt…pahleeese??”
Call me cranky and mean, but from now on the answer is “No”.  They can have dress up outfits(more on that later), but as for the day to day, they will have 37 pieces, and that is it.

Here are some basic rules I’m using during this project:

Finalizing a season capsule for each kid, with only 37 pieces.  This may seem like a lot or not enough for kids, especially since they go through clothes getting them dirty so fast.  But this is what we will start with.  Maybe our summer capsule will have less, maybe more. I kept the kids at 37 pieces, like the adults this first time around since we live in a city with weird weather, and tend to travel a bit.

-Socks:  all matching all the time.  The boys share 20 pairs of the same exact sock.  Nora will have 10 pairs of the same socks.  This makes laundry, distinguishing whose socks are whose, and finding socks each morning easy.

-No white.  Unless it was required from someone else (school uniform, project etc), they will not own white.  It’s just a bad idea.  Heck, I don’t even wear white unless I am not going to be around my kids for the day.  It gets dirty so fast.  There will be a day when I wear white, for now I’m happy with grey.

-Color theme.  I had my boys fill out this capsule wardrobe planner with me.  They shared their favorite colors, how they wanted to look, and even things they did and didn’t want.  It was really fun, to hear them describe what they want.

-Shop together.  For my middle child, this was a really fun project.  He felt so loved that he got to go shopping with me, and pick some fun things out.  He really likes dressing up and looking good.
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Why Capsule?

More time, more money, less fuss, less laundry.  Simplicity.

image from:

Sign me up.

There are a lot of reasons I wanted to try this experiment.  A creative outlet.  Simplicity.  The reward of knowing I can say “no” to impulse buys.  Making choices easier for myself and my family.  Also, less clutter.  Way less clutter.

All the clothes, all the choices, and all the things thrown on the floor or piled up.  These are things I am hoping to say goodbye to.  Saying goodbye to feeling like I have too many choices, but nothing to wear.  The reality is, I probably only wear about 30 of the items in my closet anyway.  So I’m hoping to just channel all my love for those specific items into a creative 37 piece capsule.  No more wasted energy on trying to make that one shirt work.  All my time and effort, other places.

There are dreams of a beautifully curated, Instagram worthy wardrobe for each member of my family. Of course.  But the reality of the situation is… I want life to be less stressful, and more organized.  Less decisions for mundane, but important things, like getting dressed each day.

I want my kids to understand this as a life skill, less is more.  Creativity.  Thinking outside of the box (which I am horrible at)…  even if they don’t end up being Capsulers for Life…future daughter in laws- you’re welcome.

I want a method to this madness.  Soooo, let’s do this!

Would you ever capsule your whole family?

What would your motivation be?

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Welcome: What’s a Capsule?

What is a capsule wardrobe?  The amount of people doing this is growing, and I see more and more capsules of all kind popping up on Instagram and Pinterest.  I feel like the name sort of describes itself, but let’s unpack it, shall we?
A capsule wardrobe, is a fixed number of items (your capsule) that you consider your complete wardrobe for a season.
Think mix and match, consistent color scheming, fewer items, and creativity.
white clothes
image from:
This term was originally coined by this woman, who at one point was selling a woman’s capsule wardrobe, or core pieces of clothing, out of a shop in France. She called a capsule someones core essentials in their wardrobe, and added seasonal pieces throughout the year to highlight what the woman already owned and loved.  It was a starting point for someone who was serious about developing their sense of style.
 Does that sound like a crazy idea?  It did for me at first. I thought it was a bit overboard, ridiculous and difficult.  How can someone wear only  30-ish pieces of clothing for 3 whole months?!!
Well, this woman right here did it.   And after reading her pretty blog for a year on and off, I thought… “I think I could do this too.”  I toyed with the idea last Spring, only to realize, if you’re going to do this.  You have to DO THIS.  Like, be all in… fill out the worksheet she has, get inspired and commit.  Only 37 pieces for 3 months.  That is it.
Simultaneously, my organized personality has been so stifled.  We recently moved to Istanbul from California, and in many ways are starting fresh.  I thought I was organized.  I thought I pared down our clothing quite small, but I feel like I’m not living the organized life I was meant to live.  That sounds dramatic, I know… so let me just take a deep breath and say.  Welcome.
Welcome to my crazy unorganized life. To my family, really.
Welcome into our creative process of dressing each family member in a capsule wardrobe.  That’s 37 pieces for each person, to wear exclusively for 3 months.
My husband and I are Californian entrepreneurs in Istanbul, Turkey.  Our 3 sweet babies Evan-7, Elias -5,  and Nora -2 are all different and adorable.  They are my guinea pigs in the project… we are starting with capsuling my kids.
Will it work?  Will I have planned enough items for the bi-polar Istanbul weather?
Will it make me bored or more creative?  Will I want to quit?    Let’s find out, starting with Spring!
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